CogExTools is a toolbox and a framework. It’s aim is to enable the design of cognitive examination tasks, the collection of measurements for the tasks and the evaluation of collected measurements. Here we use examples in order to get you started. We also provide detailed description of the usage of each application included in the default CogExTools package.

Getting started

CogExTools is a Python framework, it requires a working Python interpreter. The examination sheets are expected in SVG format, and rely on features (layers or groups) available in the Inkscape SVG files. The preferred design tool for examination sheets is therefore Inkscape. The applications are available at (get the lastest 2.x version) and at

For a more detailed explanation of the installation see the Tutorial.

Toolbox tools

Here we provide usage explanation of tools from the default “CogExTools” toolbox. The toolbox is distributed as a ZIP archive, CogExTools is a set of applications, not a library, so it is not meant to be installed as a Python library. CogExTools is intended for portability, the zip archive can be carried on a USB drive and executed on any Windows computer with Python and Numpy installed (see dependencies in Tutorial).

The structure of the toolbox is very simple. The scripts in the main directory and directories are:

script/file/directory purpose description application SVG to PDF and PNG export application mouse/pen/touch input examination tool application Wacom tablet examination tool analysis example of exam data visualization library portable dependencies library core library, implements installation and remote control functions
sheets examinations sheets for various examinations
tutorial tutorial tutorial files

All dependencies except for numpy are included in the “” file. The first execution of any of the tools will produce one more directory called “cogex_packages” which will contain dependencies that cannot be imported from a zip file.

Tool “cgtmake_sheets”

The cgtmake_sheets tool tranforsms SVG sheet designs into either printable PDF sheets of raster graphics used for examination of tablets with displays. [-y] DIRECTORY

    -y           overwrite existing files
    -nopdf       do not generate PDF files
    -c           combine

    DIRECTORY    folder containing SVG sheets (current directory is default)

This will attempt to translate all SVG files in DIRECTORY to

Tools “cgtexam_tablet” and “cgtexam_wacom”

The tools cgtexam_wacom and cgtexam_tablet are used to execute an examination.

Tool “cgtexam_remote”

This tools can be used to send commands to examination tools. This tool can be run on a PC different from the examination PC and can control [-gui] [IP][]

    -gui      open graphical user interface

    IP        IP address of examination PC/tablet (default
    PORT      network port of the examination PC/tablet (default 12999)
CogExTools examination remote control interface.

There are two interfaces to this program, execution without argument “-gui” defaults to the console menu evaluation interface.

Tool “cgtdata_preview”

The cgtdata_preview tool. Example of visualization is available at end of Tutorial.

This tool should also be used as a template for development of other data analysis tools. The source code of this application shows how to open data files and interpret measurements collected during an examination. FILE.(i4|f8)

    FILE.(i4|f8)   an '.i4' or '.f8' files recorded by cgtexam_ programs
CogExTools examination data preview.

Data format

CogExTools uses the simplest format possible, the “raw binary” format.