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Human-Robot Interaction and Interfaces
One of our affective BCI project was nominated to the Annual BCI Research Award 2011
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December 2006


A Brief Guide for TDALAB Ver 1.0 [PDF]

ICALAB for Signal Processing ver. 3.0

NMFLAB for Signal Processing ver 1.2

Guidebook of NMFLAB for signal processing [PDF]

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Location of RIKEN Campus
RIKEN is located in Wako-shi, Saitama, in the suburbs of Tokyo. It can be reached easily by the public transportation from Tokyo. It takes approximately two hours from Narita Airport (New Tokyo International Airport) to Wako-shi.

Please follow instructions below on how to reach RIKEN. Also please consult the train map from Narita Airport to Wako-shi. You can also consult your options in the Train connection options section at the bottom of this page.

From Narita Airport to RIKEN Campus
Narita Airport (New Tokyo International Airport) is served by two railway lines, JR and Keisei. The railway stations are located under the airport terminal buildings. We recommend you to take the Keisei Line.  Look for the sign (in Latin alphabet) for the Keisei Line, the station on the B1F levels of both terminals (terminal maps).

Keisei Skyliner or Keisei Limited Express train
You have a choice of Keisei Skyliner to Nippori (ca. 54 min. ride on the train, 1920 Yen) or a cheaper Limited Express (1000 Yen). At the Keisei counter the next trains are shown, choose either Limited Express or the more comfortable Skyliner (time difference 10 min). Just say 'Ikebukuro kudasai' and a clerk (usually English speaking actually) will sell you the right ticket with transfer adjustment (plus 160 Yen) for the next line you will board at Nippori.

In the Keisei train: Skyliner takes exactly 54 min to Nippori, the station is announced also in English. Limited Express takes 10 min more.

At Nippori station: Proceed to transfer to JR exits. Don't leave the Keisei Line platforms  using other exits. In case you did not buy the transfer ticket at Narita Airport station, proceed to a cashier at transfer gates to purchase the next ticket for 160 Yen. First give your current ticket which will be exchanged for the new one for JR line. Say 'Ikebukuro kudasai'. Leave the Keisei Line area through ticket gates to JR lines platforms.
Cross the bridge to the platform on the other side of the railways. Go down to Yamanote line (signs: light green, direction  Ikebukuro). Enter one of the Yamanote trains. 

In the Yamanote train
Yamanote is the circular line around the center of Tokyo, the trains run at least every 5 min. Ikebukuro is the 6th stop (15 min). It is the first stop at which really a lot of people leave the train.

At Ikebukuro station
Follow the signs to the exit, put your ticket in the automatic gate, it will not be returned.
Now you have to look for the Tobu Tojo line, which has blue signs, like this:


Follow the blue signs, if they show only 'TOBU', they belong to the TOBU department store and  show also the right direction.  Look for Tobu Tojo. There is another ticket machine, put money in and choose a ticket for 240 Yen. Enter through the automatic gate.
Go to the platforms 1 and 2, where express or semi-express trains depart. Take the next train, it takes about 13 min to Wako-shi,  it is just the second stop.

At Wako-shi station
Take the stairs on the left after the gate.
Upstairs is a Kentucky Fried Chicken. You can either walk (15-20 min) or take a taxi (660 yen). Say to the taxi-driver 'Riken, Onegaishimasu'. Please consult the map to find RIKEN.

RIKEN Wako Campus
Our laboratory is located in BSI East Building on the 2nd floor (rooms 217, 214-215 & EEG experimental rooms 208 & 208). Please consult the map of RIKEN Campus.

See also RIKEN Access Guide

Train connection options
Please check your connection options at your arrival time here or at the following "English-speaking" transportation search site (From: Narita-Airport; To: Wakoshi; Seat: Unreserved - for cheaper ticket options).
How to reach us

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