My studies have been initially focused on human performance, decision making, emotions, attention and personality traits. In the Advance Brain Signal Processing laboratory I work on human computer interaction and my focus is on emotion. As the Anicall R&D Director I am aiming to create innovative wearable technology for non-human mammals to facilitate human-animal interaction. We rely on behavioral and electrophysiological data to develop our products.

Highest Education

2011 Ph.D. ECoNA school of Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
Majored in Cognitive Psychology, Psychophysiology and Personalities

2008 Completed one year post-graduated apprentice training program in Psychology of Thinking and Reasoning at Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

2006 M.Sc. in Psychology; Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
Majored in General and Experimental Psychology


Since 2008 ECoNA - Italian Interuniversity Centre for Cognitive Processes in Natural and Artificial Systems

2013-2014 membership of Society for Neuroscience

Teaching Experience

Since 2007, I have been holding seminars and presentation of my studies on human performance, behavior and decision making. I worked as lecturer for Cognitive Psychology and Psychology of Thinking courses (at Sapienza University of Rome, Italy). In the last years I have being training and supervising Ph.D. students, researchers and fellow workers in both scientific and non-scientific settings.

Honors and Awards

In Sept. 2012, I started a 2 years Postdoctoral Fellowship for Foreign Researchers Japan Society for the Promotion of Science in the ABSP laboratory of RIKEN BSI List of Scientific Journal Publications


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